Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Practice What You Preach Brother Man"

This is a new phrase I used with David tonight. He said something to me and I did not hear him. I, inappropriately, responded with a "huh"? To which he replied "remember, mommy, you shouldn't say "huh", you should say "pardon me?". Yea, kid, I know. Try doing that yourself sometime. I learned the "huh?" from you!!

Earlier today we were leaving a friend's house and traveled home via their backyard. There was a random miniature toy in the backyard-it had clearly been laying there for a great period of time and was long forgotten. David asked if I thought Casey would let us borrow it. I said I was sure he wouldn't mind. The RIGHT thing to do would have been to go back inside and ask permission to borrow it. Well, I did the WRONG thing. We had only gone outside to take Casey home so none of us had coats on-it was to be a quick trip. I didn't feel like going back inside and asking to borrow a toy that Casey had likely forgotten even existed. And, I knew that as we had left Casey was going up to take a nap. And no mommy wants to be interrupted when children are going down to take a nap. Anyway, I said I was sure Casey wouldn't mind if we borrowed it-so we headed home, toy in hand. Once inside, David said "mommy, we took Casey's toy and did not pay for it. We stole it like I stealed candy at the coffee shop yesterday". Since I was feeling guilty that I allowed him to "borrow" the toy without asking, I took the opportunity to explain, in detail, the difference between stealing and borrowing. I conveniently left out the part about needing to ask to borrow something before actually borrowing the item. I knew I would get caught red handed if I had done that. So, although I got caught, he obviously learned from yesterday stealing incident. It may have also been because I asked him what happened to the thieves in the Bible-He told me they died on the cross next to Jesus. That's right-steal another piece of candy and you might have to die on a cross. How is that for changing a child's heart or should we say scaring them into good behavior??? I know that I really do want a child with a pure heart and a desire to do good because of their care. But right now I just want him to not steal and if he doesn't because he thinks he might be crucified, so be it!
P.S. Casey, your toy will be returned promptly!

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