Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A First Time for Everything

Today David and I, together, reached a milestone....a first in our mother-son relationship. He stole chocolate and I helped him confess. It was a beautiful moment. There was lots of beautiful conversation, loving touches....I just hope I can remember this time together forever! Back to reality...I wanted to hide under a rock or throw up (or maybe a combination of them both).

We were at the Treehouse Coffee Shop in Audubon where a friend and I were leading a discussion group. I say what we were doing that to show that I actually know the owners-they recognize me and know my name! David had been asking for something to eat and I had told him repeatedly that we were going home soon and we would eat when we got home. As I was preparing to leave, I couldn't find him. Of course, I panicked. Then I found him in the corner with the children's treats. This is what I found.....said child with an obviously full mouth, said child with an empty candy wrapper in his hands, said child standing next to a bowl full of candy identically matching the empty wrapper in said child's hand. I asked him if he ate the candy to which he very willingly replied "yes, I was hungry". Ok, you got a point for yourself there because you didn't lie. That should help you during your sentencing. He was very nervous looking. I think he had no idea that he stole or what stealing was even about. I think he was nervous because I told him that he could not eat and then he went ahead and did it.

My first thought was to grab our stuff and hit the road. I didn't want to confess that MY child, my wonderful son stole something. I thought better about running. This was a learning opportunity and I had to take it. After David and I "spoke" about the incident, I gave him money and made him go and tell the owner that he took the candy and needed to pay for it. He did that. I also told him the money would need to come out of his bank when we got home. He was very shy...I think maybe he got it.

I don't know when I can show my face again....but I know that I dealt with it and I believe I handled it well. Hopefully this little learning experience will be the last of these sorts. However, I am sure the "firsts" in the future will bring even bigger and better embarassment! Oh, how I love being a mother!!

Lessons Learned:
  • bring extra change with me in the event I must pay for $.25 candy stolen
  • feed the kid before you leave the house. feed him extra good in the event he gets really hungry.
  • only visit places once...his way they can never get to know you in the event your kid steals from them.
  • scope out "private" places in public in the event you need some "private" time with your resident thief.
  • rehearse your "i am shocked he did this. he has NEVER done this before".

    Does this look like the face of a thief???

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