Thursday, February 5, 2009

Question of the day....

The end of nap times always leave me with a lot of emotional turmoil. Ok-not a lot, but enough that I thought about it again today. My almost 3.5 year old is still quiet in his bed. I highly doubt he could still be sleeping after 3 hours, but the key words here are STILL QUIET! Am I bad mother because I am not going to get the poor child or it ok that I have not ventured upstairs yet because, after all, I can't hear him?? He may have called for me, but he likes the fan on outside of his door. Therefore, the possibility exists I cannot hear him. On the other hand, if he is like me, he enjoys laying in bed for a period of time after he wakes up. I do often wonder if I should just go up after 2 hours if I haven't heard him, but then again-why wake a sleeping child? I obviously is not overly concerned given I have yet to purchase a monitor for his room which would provide me a 100% guarantee on his current state of sleep. That, my friends, is my turmoil and question of the day.

He has now been in bed 3 hours and 3 minutes....I must go get him. I feel bad....well, the truth is if I don't get him now he may not go back to bed at 8!
p.s. I really do LOVE my child-he's the best, but so are naps!

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