Monday, February 9, 2009

"You are driving me... a car."

Don't get it? Neither do I! When a certain little someone who is 3 years old, 41 inches and 34 pounds is doing any number of things I may be found saying "you are driving me crazy". It's said in a funny way, not in a mean or belittling way. Well, one day the same certain someone told his father that he was driving him crazy. His father asked who had taught him that line to which he quickly replied "mommy did!". Thanks for throwing me under the bus kid! Daddy told him that wasn't kind, blah, blah, blah. Maybe not kind, but definitely necessary sometimes. See Daddy's can say it's not kind because they don't do 12 hour shifts. Anyway, I don't say it anymore b/c I am always reprimanded by the same guy that exposed me to daddy. Even though I am trying I am often caught saying "you are driving" before I catch myself and he quickly tells me that it isn't kind to say that. I didn't even say it-I can't get in trouble if I stopped myself before completing the phrase. Plus, you are the 3 year old and I am the mommy-don't tell me what is not kind. Now, knowing that he is not allowed to say that phrase, he says "you are driving me like a car". I laugh everytime...not at all b/c it makes sense, but I do find it funny.

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