Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Theology

My son is a little more than obsessed with David and Goliath. We play it all of the time, complete with dress up costumes compliments of Grandma Clapper. He even quotes the verses that correspond with the passage in the Bible. This alone is wonderful, but couple it with telling his non-church friend that he is going to Kielll him (kill said in David accent) and it's not so good. Ever have to explain to a mother of a frightened child what your 3 year old meant when he said he was going to kill her son-well, call me if you need any pointers some day-I was all over that! We have told him that we are not to kill people and he says "David killed Goliath" to which we respond because God told him to. "Well, the people killed Jesus". Again, because that was a part of God's plan. It's not so easy to explain to a 3 year old that has a mind that just won't quit. Yet we have tried over and over again. It seemed to really be working. Every once and awhile he says "Ellie, I am going to kill you with my sword", but generally we have had not homicidal incidents in the past few months.

Today my theology was once again challenged by my 3 year old. He was talking about the Veggie Tales "Dave and the Giant Pickle". He said he was going to kill something and I said "remember, we don't kill...." and so the whole saga began. To which he responded (after my pre-recorded message on killing) "that's right mommy, we are not supposed to kill pickles". Right-got that. I will mark that in the margin of my Bible-and highlight it too!

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