Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's official

Well, I guess it's official....I have started a blog. I do not think for a minute that I am important enough that anyone will ever read my blog (well, of course the grandparents will so that they can see their babies :). But, other than that I anticipate using this blog as a way to journal for myself. Try as I might, I just cannot force myself to find time in the day to journal about my life or the lives of my children. Now, finding time for the computer-that I can do!! It is my goal to be able to blog about the daily happenings of our lives, funny/interesting/scary/down right silly things my children do and the occasional feelings I have about my role as a wife and mother. Then someday my children will have a snippet of a picture of their lives growing up.

If you happened to stumble upon my blog, I am sorry if I don't inspire you, give you creative ideas (I can guarantee I won't be creative so stop reading now if that is what you are hoping for!), provide great recipes or whatever you are searching for in a blog. There's not much that I can guarantee with this blog, but one thing is for sure-it will be about my family and my love for them! Enjoy!
Just for your visual are my cute kiddo's. They are why I do what I do everyday! I love them!!


  1. Yay! You're added to my reader! I'm sure you'll be better at this than me. :)

  2. i found you! and i am subscribed to your blog!

  3. Welcome! I have found my blog a GREAT way to motivate me to take more pictures of my little ones as they grow and remember stories and funny things they say that I would have long forgotten. Go, Megan, Go!

  4. oh and if you're interested this is a great place to find tons of fun backgrounds: