Thursday, February 19, 2009

Learning to Rhyme

David is beginning to recognize when words rhyme. It is neat to see this skill developing in him. Or should I say it WAS, that is until he rhymed these words tonight while doing his Thomas the train engine puzzle.

me: "R" rrrr Rheneas, Rheneas (i mis-pronounced it Rhenes) begins with "R"
David: Rhenes rhymes with Penis. Penis. Penis rhymes with Rhenes.
Although no one wants to encourage potty talk, I couldn't help but giggle. He asked why I was laughing and before I could answer he said "mommy, I guess you are laughing because you thought I was telling a joke. I am not telling a joke. I am rhyming words. You shouldn't laugh because I am not telling a joke." Sorry, kid. Oh, I think we are beginning the boy world of potty talk. yea!

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  1. Hilarious! It's so funny when they do that. Glad you are using the correct anatomical terms for the body parts. Wait until your daughter blurts out the word Vagina at a young age and people take a double take - now that's funny. Hey, people that is what it's called!